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Team with 20+ years of experience
Founded in 2015, 1World has a globally distributed team that combines technical, business and customer support skills.
Alex Fedosseev
Founder & CEO
Dan Ward
Head of Operations
Andrii Pylypenko
Head of Engineering
Brad Kayton
Corporate Strategy
Emily Alsobrook
Head of Customer Success
Prof. Augie Grant
Head of Research & Analytics
Sergey Bykov
Sukhmen Nijjar
Spencer Kelty
Sales / Strategic AM
Roman Sirenko
Business Analyst
Dominique Grate
Social Media Manager
Lisa Norquist
Ad Operations
Chris Reinertsen
Product Management
Leonard Jackson
Community Management
Katia Kourtseva
Controller & Admin
Bobby Grant
Content Management
Roni Naylu
Content Management
Javier Armenta
Sales US West
Dmitry Birukov
System Architect
Ibironke Wickliffe
Content & Account Manager
Olanike Faroun
Account & Content Manager
Daniel Bodansky
Content Management
Julia Zolotarenko
Operations Manager
Vadim Pinchuk
Integrations Manager
Sergey Borshchov
Frontend Developer
Dmitriy Lavrentiev
Frontend Developer
Dmitriy Listic
UI/UX designer
Natalia Shchokina
Quality Assurance Engineer
Alexander Havrysh
Backend Developer
Andrew Taran
Sr. Backend Developer
Maria Shapoval
Engineering Project Manager
Alex Nadich
Backend Developer
Vadim Bashaev
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