Advertising options

Increase user engagement while creating new revenue opportunities, all at no cost to you.  Here’s how it works:


“Set it and forget it”:  1World can manage all the content and fill the ad inventory through our partnerships with the leading online ad exchanges and ad networks.

Plug in your own preferred ad network or programmatic partner and fill the ad inventory in 1World’s tools. 1World retains a small, flat fee to cover hosting and ad serving costs.

Sell custom, sponsored native content to your premium advertisers for high CPMs. 1World retains a small, flat fee to cover hosting and ad serving costs.


Monetize new ad inventory

Ads or sponsorships can be deployed in different adjacent locations: on top, bottom, either side, as an interstitial, or combination. 



Poll dimensions

A range of options is available:

  • Height: 300-600 pixels

  • Width: responsive design to match your site

Support for all IAB ad sizes

Recommended ad sizes:

  • 300x250 pixels

  • 300x50 pixels

  • 160x600 pixels

Support for responsive ad formats


Advertising Specifications

Supported media types:

  • Banner

  • Interstitial

  • Text

  • Expandable

  • Skin

  • High Impact

  • Native

  • Video

  • Static image (jpeg or gif)


advertise with us

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