What is 1World?

1World's Global Platform consists of highly engaging tools, content, and powerful analytics to boost performance and revenue. With support for 27 languages, we can help you supercharge your story.



Ask your own questions or use popular polls from 1World’s network of publishers. Customize the poller to fit your site’s look and feel.


Everyone loves to play games. Why would your readers be any different? Easily create and deploy quizzes on a topic of your choice, ranging from trivia to character quizzes, or choose one of our popular quiz topics.


Our surveys let you poll your audience and get to the bottom of what’s important to them — and you. We have created two engaging types of surveys: a full page large format survey and a smaller widget-style survey that can be embedded on your site.


Gamify your site by using 1World's Trivia Unit to provide addicting content of your own or from the 1World library. Find out what your audience knows about current events, celebrities, historical facts, and more!

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