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January 22
1World: The Key to Customer Engagement is in the Numbers
Customer insight and trends are all about the numbers with social opinion and polling service 1World Online.
July 14
These 74 Silicon Valley companies made the Inc. 5000 list for 2018
Silicon Valley may not have cracked the top 10 list of areas in this year's Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies, but the metro area centered around San Jose still laid claim to 47 entries on the list.
October 30
Bryan Feinberg – Interview with 1W’s Alex Fedosseev
I had the pleasure this week to sit down with 1W’s CEO Alex Fedosseev from 1World Online to get an inside look at the company, its application and the way they are scaling their business with Blockchain.
November 8
Interview with Alex Fedosseev, CEO and Founder of 1World Online
1World Online (or just 1World for short) is an Internet-based company launched in 2011, with the mission of finding out what people really think.
1World has joined Plug-n-Play Accelerator Program
1World Online has been recently selected through a rigorous process to take part in Plug-n-Play’s Silicon Valley Program! From over 1,000 startups, 100 were shortlisted.
1World Announces International Launch
"It's an honor to be selected as a top global company as just a three-year old enterprise," said Alex Fedosseev, CEO and co-founder of 1World, "it shows I think the tremendous value we have create...
1World Online Exceeds $5 Million Public ICO Target
1World Online extends ICO deadline due to strong demand for 1WO tokens .
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