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Whether it’s a poll, quiz, survey, or trivia, 1World’s interactive media is proven to drive new revenue and increase reader engagement.




With 1World’s Platform for Publishers, you can:

  • Amplify content discovery and recommendations on your site

  • Create a social boost with fun, shareable content

  • Collect valuable reader data to understand your audience and increase content relevancy

  • Syndicate content from other publishers or create all your own — it’s up to you


Deployment options

Deploying 1World’s tools is fast and easy. Just add one line of JavaScript to your site template on all pages.

Content from 1world library and partners

The need for new content is ever-present.  1World can help with timely, newsworthy, visual, and optimized content for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more.

1World has a rich library of popular polls, quizzes, and surveys, all available for your use. You can also syndicate popular content from other partners to increase your traffic.


User-generated content

Let your readers ask their own questions on your articles. Create additional engagement and value for your audience with our new User-Generated Polls feature.

As a publisher, you can easily manage reader polls directly from the widget or from your 1World Online Dashboard. You can quickly approve or reject polls and view user statistics.


Don't get left behind

1000 publishers are already using the 1World platform. Here are a few our our partners:


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