Super Polling is a new program that provides predictive polling services for publishers 

1World Online partners with select newspapers and online publishers to do co-branded or white-labeled polling for that publisher's local state primary or general elections at both the Presidential and Congressional levels.

Our top order predictions have never been wrong and we've been one of the most accurate of polling sources out there.




How it works:

1.   We gather and analyze any current and relevant polling data available. All polls done on a particular election race are considered relevant.


2.   We perform spot polling on trending aspects of a campaign using the 1World innovative digital intelligence platform, which includes tools for polling, surveying, quizzes, debates, and analytics.


3.   We weigh results from each previously published poll to adjust for sample size and response rate. These results are then adjusted to account for individual candidate trends, projections of voter participation, and allocation of undecided voters. For the combination of weighted results, including projections regarding undecided voters and short-term trends, the margin of error can’t be determined. However, the end result is a simple, numerical projection of the final vote count.


4.   If we can’t find adequate polling coverage or sees areas of risk, we do quick and affordable spot polling.

The final result is the Super Poll, which has proven to be the most accurate way to make political election and voting predictions.

Super Poll results are available to publishers 48 hours before a particular election takes place. This provides more accurate predictions and reduces the risk that unexpected events occur between the time the prediction is made and the voter polling begins. 

1World also offers additional online content and tools that can be used to create exciting venues for this election season, such as debates, polling, infographics, and end-user surveys. These can easily be used to supplement the results of a custom Super Poll, creating a rich, attention-grabbing venue to instill loyalty in the readers of publishers.

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